About Us

Bimad Group is dedicated to producing and trading the highest quality lumber and steel products and buidling materials as well as electrical, security and contracting solutions. With our exclusive distribution arrangements, as well as our local processing facilities and large stocking abilities, we remain able to source and supply all the required volumes, ranges, and specifications of products customized to suit the requirements of your next project or development.

Founded on a strong set of values that include hard work, honesty, superior service, and a strong passion for lumber trade, Bimad Group is a versatile company of many facets solidifying its presence in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and most recently in the UAE, as a leading supplier of lumber products, and a major supplier of building materials, electrical solutions, security products, and contracting projects.

Sourced globally. Refined locally.

"Our products are sourced from the finest suppliers around the world, but each are refined locally for a higher level of customization for our clients."
Lumber Forest


Bimad is a story of entrepreneurs who created an enterprise that grew from a modest beginning in Kuwait in July of 1978 and went on to become one of the top lumber and building material trade companies in the Middle East.

Our Founder and CEO Ahmed Jammal has employed his multifaceted experience in the field of wood trading and building materials to help shape the vision and mission of Bimad. His involved leadership has empowered Bimad to enjoy a successful journey of growth over a span of 4 decades. Supported by our highly experienced managers and dedicated industry experts, Bimad has overcame various challenges over the years and maintained its competitive edge and reputation as a regional industry leader.

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Our Philosophy

Our Vision

To become the 1st choice supplier of lumber, plywood, pallets, steel and other related building materials and supplies as well as electrical, security and contracting solutions in the Gulf region and the Middle East.  

Our Mission

To consistently deliver the best combination of high-service standards, top quality goods, and competitive prices to our clients.

Our Values

  • Reliability: We consistently deliver our clients with what we promise, as we always maintain adequate inventory all year around, and store our products in appropriately covered and chilled storing spaces in order to maintain the good quality of products.

  • Transparency: We implement the highest standards of Transparency, Integrity, and Commitment to business ethics corporate governance procedure.

  • Community: We understand the needs and aspirations of our community, strongly believe in its culture and traditions, committed to its ethics and behavior and participate in initiatives to foster its ongoing development.